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6 Heartwarming Ways to Honour Your Mom at Your Wedding

In celebration of Mother's Day, and as an experienced wedding planner, I know how important a role your mom, stepmom, grandmother or other mother-figures can play in your life, and especially on your wedding day. These are the women that (for better or worse!) made us who we are, who love us, walk beside us, watch over us, and have made an impact in our lives, even if they are no longer with us.

Whether you have a BFF relationship with her, or maybe it's a little more complicated than that, keep reading for 6 heartwarming ways to include your mother-figure in your wedding day.

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  1. Invite her to get ready with you: As you prepare for your big day, having your mom by your side during the getting ready process adds a layer of comfort and joy, as well as creating shared memories. You can have her help you into your dress or put in your veil and she'll truly feel a part of the festivities.

  2. Include her in your ceremony: There are several meaningful ways to include her in the ceremony; she could do a reading during the service, participate in a unity ceremony, or help walk you down the aisle.

  3. Ask for "something borrowed or something blue": What better way to honour your mom than by asking her for something meaningful to fulfill this tradition? It could be a piece of jewelry she wore on her own wedding day, a handkerchief passed down through generations, or even a blue ribbon sewn into your dress or bouquet.

  4. Exchange a heartfelt letter or card: Writing a card or letter to your mom or mother-figure and giving it to her on your wedding day is a beautiful way to express your love and gratitude for her support throughout the years. You can even include a gift if you feel so inclined.

  5. Make time for photos. Don't forget to carve out dedicated time for photos together just the two of you. Capture candid moments as you get ready together, share a first look, or embrace before the ceremony, and consider scheduling a separate photo session in the morning or after the ceremony just for the two of you.

  6. Honouring moms & mother-figures who have passed. For those who have lost loved one, especially a mom, but still wish to honour their memory on your wedding day, consider setting up a memorial table or a special display with photos, candles, or meaningful mementos. You could also incorporate a moment of silence or dedicate a song during the ceremony or reception. Having an empty seat at the ceremony with a photo or carrying a locket or piece of jewelry as you walk down the aisle are other touching gestures for those you love who are no longer with us.

Looking for more ideas to honour your mom, including for grooms?! Keep reading below...

  • Include your mom in your wedding dress shopping (or suit shopping for the grooms)!

  • Share a special dance with your mom during your wedding reception.

  • Incorporate family heirlooms in your decor at your ceremony or reception.

  • Order a personalized corsage for her to wear so she stands out from the other guests.

  • Thank her publicly in your thank you toast or speech at the end of the evening.

  • Gift her your bouquet personally instead of doing the traditional bouquet toss.

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