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18 Wedding Details You Won’t Want to Forget

Updated: Feb 27

Did you know it takes an average of 250 hours to plan a wedding? Not to mention the million and one details and logistics to consider. So, it’s not uncommon that a few things may get missed. Keep reading for a list of the most common things most couples forget when planning their wedding.

Ceremony First Kiss Black White Outdoor Summer Wedding

  1. Gratuities. Don’t forget to include tips for vendors in your budget (15-20%), and pre-prepare tip envelopes to hand out on the day.

  2. Vendor Meals. Another expense to add to your budget and let your caterer know to include. Your vendors will be working 10-12 hours and a meal is a common courtesy.

  3. Backup Plan. If you’re getting married outdoors, chat with your venue about a backup option in case of rain or even extreme heat.

  4. Sunset. Take into account the time the sun sets and plan with your photographer to get those gorgeous golden hour pics!

  5. Transportation. Consider how you and the bridal party will get to the venue, and don’t rely on UBER or taxis if you can avoid it.

  6. First Look. Have you considered doing a first look and your photos BEFORE the ceremony? It’s not only fun, it will cut the big time gap between ceremony & reception.

  7. Day-Of Contact. A first point of contact for your wedding vendors and venue is essential. It will be a busy and whirlwind day already, so no need to add more to your plate. Budget for and hire a day-of coordinator, or appoint a trusted friend to take the lead for the day.

  8. Photo Wrangler. Your photographer won’t know your Aunt Sue from Grandma Mabel, so make sure you appoint a trusted family member to gather everyone for your designated family photos.

  9. Extra Ceremony Seats. Factor in that there will be spaces in where your guests choose to sit and include 10-20 more chairs.

  10. Food Allergies. This is key to ask on your invitation RSVP so your caterer can ensure they prepare the meals appropriately.

  11. Dancing Shoes. An extra pair of shoes to change into as the night goes on is never a bad idea.

  12. Emergency Kit. Consider packing a kit with everything from eyelash glue to Advil to chalk.

  13. Cards for Each Other. Delivering a thoughtful card the morning-of the wedding for your love to open and read is a beautiful gesture as you get ready for your big day.

  14. Gift Gatherer. Appoint someone to grab the gifts, cards, and leftover decor at the end of the night.

  15. ‘Do Not Play’ List. If you have song you absolutely can’t stand, let your DJ know NOT to play them.

  16. Getting Ready Food. Many couples forget to plan for breakfast, lunch and snacks on their wedding day & as they’re getting ready.

  17. Write Your Speech. While not compulsory, delivering a thank you speech to your guests (as a couple) is a thoughtful and personal touch.

  18. Time For YOU! It’s easy to get swept in the day and forget to take a few minutes for the two of you. Make sure you sneak away to enjoy a quiet moment as newlyweds and take in your celebration.

“A first point of contact for your wedding vendors and venue is ESSENTIAL. It will be a whirlwind day already, so no need to add more to your plate.”

If you're feeling overwhelmed, or just need a little extra guidance & support, at MORE Events Co we are here to help! Reach out today and let's chat about planning your perfect day.




Feeling inspired to kickstart your wedding planning journey? We're here to help! Let’s chat about how we can bring your love story to life & create a wedding that's stress-free, fun and authentically you. Click below and we’ll be in touch within 72 hours!

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